Our Christmas Angel Project provides holiday gifts for children who have been sexually abused and their siblings. Schools, companies, organizations, and individual sponsors are sought to fulfill each child’s Christmas wish list of 1-2 items, totaling $50 or less. With the assistance of dedicated volunteers, over 500 gifts are wrapped and distributed to children throughout Oahu each Christmas season.

How this program works:

The Children’s Alliance works collaboratively with caseworkers/service providers from state, private and non-profit agencies to provide children with Christmas gifts. An eligible child’s service provider can apply for a gift's on behalf of a child who 1) is a victim of sexual abuse or a sibling who lives in the same household; 2) is under of age of 18; and 3) lives on Oahu. The referral for Christmas gift must come from the child’s service provider. Forms are available at our office in the fall. The Christmas Angel Project is on a first-come-first-serve basis.