"To Begin" / "To Rejuvenate"

Ho‘omaka is an individualized team mentoring program, based on best practices and resilience theory, designed to assist youths who have been sexually abused, who are struggling with life circumstances and direction as well as issues related to their abuse.

Our program strives to assist youth in:
  • Developing healthy, caring relationships.
  • Making informed and healthy decisions.
  • Setting personal goals.
  • Maintaining a positive path for success.
  • Coping effectively with life transitions.
  • Attaining a dignified independence.

Specially trained volunteers, interns and experts in the community form a team to provide individualized practical guidance that helps youth achieve their goals, and act as a support network that is customarily present in healthy stable families. These weekly interactions provide experiences that instill self-worth, reinforce a sense of achievement, encourage healthy attachments, and offer a sense of belonging to counteract abuse symptoms of loneliness and depression.